Our Chefs

Enjoy Trekking With The Best Food

Our chefs have the proper knowledge and practice for the preparation of different meals and snacks provided on the treks. Always thinking of our clients first, Xtreme Tourbulencia grants them all the necessary information about the quality of the food provided in the different treks.
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The Chefs

Each Chef is professionally trained in the different institutes of the city of Cusco to prepare the best breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. In each prepared meal you will be able to enjoy a delicious buffet that will exceed your expectations.

All food is prepared with fresh ingredients purchased from the local Cusco market. All food is transported by porters.

The food is fresh, healthy and delicious.

Do you have a specific diet?

You don’t have to worry, our chefs are prepared to properly serve vegetarian, vegan and or those with food allergies.

Do you hydrate well?

During the walks we provide boiled water for your safety. It is recommended to carry water during the duration of the trek because at each meal it will be provided again. You can refill your bottles at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Xtreme Tourbulence ensures that you will be well fed during any of our adventure excursions. Food is provided 4 times a day, starting with a big breakfast, a huge lunch, a sunset snack and finally dinner.

You will be given excellent attention at all times and always accompanied with a big smile.

Here are some meals we prepare:

    • BREAKFAST: Chocolate, Pancake, Yogurt, Granola, Fruit salad, Chocolate and bread, among others.

    • LUNCH: Quinoa soup, Steak, Tarwi, Mashed Potato, Trout, Avocado with potato, Seco de pollo, Second of Quinoa, among others.

    • SNACK: Pop Corn, Chocolate, Coffee, Cookies, milk, among others

    • DINNER: Steak, Rice, Rolled Chicken, Saltado, Potato Cake, Chicken with Sillao, Broccoli Cake, among others.

It is highly recommended that you clarify what your first breakfast and last lunch will contain, and also you will have the option of tasting the meals prepared in one of the many restaurants that are on the trekking route.

X-Treme Tourbulencia
X-Treme Tourbulencia