Our Guides

The Xtreme Tourbulencia guides are originally from the different towns of Cusco. They are fully trained to roam and guide tourists through the marvelous roads of Cusco, while also connecting followers with nature and overcoming all obstacles for your best experience, in this way you will gain the most exquisite memories ever.

Their studies

Our guides are graduates in the field of Tourism from the different universities and institutes within the city of Cusco. You have the highest level of technical and physical preparation here to offer you the best experience in the different treks such as the Inca Trail, Salkantay, Lares, among others.

The service

The guides will accompany you from start to finish throughout the trip, you will always be with your guides. Each group has a guide and if the group is larger than 8 people there will be 2. They are in charge of the team from the moment you are picked up from the hotel.

Language proficiency

Our guides can communicate in Spanish, English, French and German. Quechua is their main language and they are very happy to help translate to you anything that may come from the porters and also to teach you some of the ancestral language shared amongst the team.


The Xtreme Tourbulencia guide knows everything about the Inca trail, as well as knowledge on how to handle the impact of cold weather, has knowledge on all the fauna and flora along the way and knows all the best spots to get the best photos at the right time. Our guides have the full energy and experience to create the best trekking experience of your life.