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Terms and Conditions



CLIENT(S): Direct passenger(s) or travel agency(s).

Acceptance and Knowledge of our Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below in this document are mandatory and binding. They apply to all reservations and activities made through our website, via email or face-to-face. The use of any of these channels implies the knowledge and acceptance of them.

Modification of the terms of use

Xtreme Tourbulencia reserves the right to make modifications or updates to our terms of use at any time. It´s the responsibility of the customers to review them.

Reservation confirmation

Once the client sends his reservation request, the confirmation to this will be subject to the payment support according to the request, detailing all the services included and not included. If no response from the client is received, the acceptance of our terms and conditions will be assumed. In this sense, Xtreme Tourbulencia is not responsible for any extraordinary situation.


Respond clearly and precisely to responses and requests, such as forms to be filled out by your assigned Experience Designer.

Follow the instructions of the team en route.

Compulsory attendance at the informative meetings, which are held prior to your tour, are essential to begin the experience en route.

Comply with all the obligations set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

Payment Policies

We use PayPal so that you can make your deposit, which makes it easier to use a credit card. There’s an 6% fee for using PayPal for international transfers.

We also use Western Union which have different rates. The amount of the deposit will depend on the type of itinerary that the client reserves, as shown below:

Inca Trail: For Inca Trail packages we need a deposit of US $ 150.00 per person. Remember that these deposits are not refundable nor transferable to another person. There are no exceptions.

For the other treks: Salkantay, Lares, Huchuy Qosqo, Choquequirao Inca Jungle and the tours that take more than 3 days, a deposit of US $ 150.00 per person will be made. Remember that these deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are no exceptions.

Rainbow Mountain: For Rainbow Mountain packages we need a deposit of US $ 50.00 per person. Remember that these deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are no exceptions.

Humantay Lagoon: For the day tour to Humantay Lagoon we need a deposit of US $ 30.00 per person. Remember that these deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are no exceptions.

Sacred Valley: For Sacred Valley packages we need a deposit of US $ 20.00 per person. Remember that these deposits are not refundable nor transferable to another person. There are no exceptions.

City Tour: For the half day tour in Cusco we need a deposit of US $ 20.00 per person. Remember that these deposits are not refundable nor transferable to another person. There are no exceptions.

For groups greater than 08 people we accept bank transfers. If you want more information about this possibility, send us an email to info@x-tremetourbulencia.com

Policies for payment methods in person

  • Cash, Credit Card, Western Union, and PayPal will be accepted for final payments. the payments by card and paypal have a transaction fee of 6%. No passenger can start their tour until payment has been completed. We accept US dollars and soles (Peruvian currency) for cash payments.
  • Ripped or torn bills, no matter how small, will not be accepted.
  • If the balance is not paid 4 days before the departure of the trip, the ommission will be 10% and not 8%
  • All bank commissions will be covered by the client.
  • For more information you can contact your assigned Experience Designer.


Cancellation request

The cancellation request must be made via email by the person who made the reservation and

paid the deposit to info@x-tremetourbulencia.com

  • Cancellations made 30 days in advance have no additional charges except for excursions on the Inca Trail.
  • If the client cancels between 10 and 30 days before their trip, they must pay 50% of the total cost of the trip.
  • If the client cancels between 10 and 4 days before their trip, they must pay 80%of the total cost.
  • If the client cancels 3 days or less before their trip, they must pay 100% of the total cost.
  • In the rare event that a client decides to leave once the trek has started, no refund Will be given. The client must also pay for the additional expenses incurred by her own decision such as food, accommodation, and transportation, If they wish, the client can join the group and participate in the Machu Picchu tour on the last day if they wish.
  • If the client is unable to participate in the trek due to illness or physical problems, no refund will be given. The client must also pay for the additional expenses incurred such as food, accommodation and transportation. If they wish, the client can join the group and participate in the Machu Picchu tour on the last day if the wish.
  • In the event that a natural disaster or an act of God prevents a service from being completed, the client will receive a 50% refund, considering administrative expenses.
  • In the event that a natural disaster or act of God causes the change in the route of the walk, Xtreme Tourbulencia there’ll be no refund.
  • In consideration of the last pandemic that was experienced globally, we include that, in case the service is not performed due to a pandemic or act of God, no refund will be made, but an open ticket will be given so that you can receive the service on another date subject to availability.
  • There’ll be no refund in case of no show.

Inca Trail Tour

Permits for the Inca Trail are processed with the personal information and passport number, in no case may they be transferable to another person. The change of dates is also not possible once the permit has been acquired. These are not refundable or transferable. Please note that this is a Peruvian government regulation and not Xtreme Tourbulencia.

In the extreme case that the Inca Trail is declared closed for security reasons, or causes it to

escape our responsibility, Xtreme Tourbulencia will replace your excursion with an alternative


If you book the Inca Trail tour with a Student Card. During the walk the original must be carried along with the passport. The personnel of the Ministry of Culture will prohibit entrance if the student card is not shown, a situation that will escape our responsibilities.

Modification policies

To modify the date of the excursion, other than the Inca Trail, there’s a fee of US $ 50.00 per

person, if the modification occurs more than 30 days in advance.

If the modification occurs between 10 and 20 days the excursion, the rate is US $ 100.00 per person.

For modifications made with les tan 10 days in advance, different rates will be applied that will be calculated at the time of making the change, according to availability and date.

Modifications must be made for another group excursion with a mínimum of 2 people. If a single traveler needs to change dates and there´s no option on the required date, the change will not be posible.

Travel Insurance

We recommend travel insurance for all our clients.

Coverage must include lost luggage, accidents, emergency air rescue, and trip cancellation.

The trip cancellation insurance must reimburse non-recoverable air or land expenses if you

cancel your trip due to a personal or family illness, as well as cover the expenses of medical

evacuation if the situation requires it.

In the event of illness or injury in one of our circuits, we are trained to provide emergency first aid and organize transportation to a suitable medical facility. However, we are not

responsible for the cost of transportation services or medical care.


Once the tour reservation is confirmed, we will send the information immediately to the Inca

Trail reservation office and the LLaqta Machu Picchu reservation office so that the permits

are issued and we guarantee the tour.

The original passport must be carried for all services. Photocopies will not be accepted.

The information that we will send to the reservation office of the Llaqta Machu Picchu

includes full name, passport number, nationality, gender, and age. This information cannot be modified.

The only exception is in the case of passport numbers that could be changed due to renewal.

To renew passport it is suggested to also carry the old one.

If the passport number changes between the reservation and the start of the tour, both the

old and new passports must be carried.

If the passport information does not match the information provided to us above, you will not be able to start the tour.

If the client does not report the existence of a new passport upon arriving in Cusco, it will not be the responsibility of Xtreme Tourbulencia. Therefore:

  • It will be the complete responsibility of the client to asume the additional expenses that are generated such as transportation, food, lodging, and other expenses when returning to the city of Cusco, or to  the palce of origin of the tour.
  • In none of the cases mentioned, Xtreme Tourbulencia will asume any responsibility for reimbursement or modification of the tour, considering that everything is organized and subject to government policies.

Force Majeure or Causes of God

This includes any event that is outside the scope of Xtreme Tourubulencia, such as threat of war, pandemic such as the Coronavirus, riots, civil strikes, terrorist activities, industrial disputes,

diseases, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fires, or the like. In any of these cases,

Xtreme Tourubulencia will limit itself to the use of responsibilities and will not assume what does not correspond.


By booking any of our adventure trips (Salkantay, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Lares, Ausangate,

Choquequirao, Rainbow Mountain, and more) the client assumes the risks associated with

personal accidents, medical emergencies, problems with air travel, etc. Before any of these

disagreements Xtreme Tourbulencia is not responsible.

Policies for adventure travel

Xtreme Tourubulencia should be informed of any medical problems or allergies that you may have. Good physical health is essential. Otherwise, the client should consult a doctor. If you are over 70 years old, you must present a valid medical certificate that attests to your health in conditions of being able to travel.

  • The guide must be informed if you want to leave the group or the camping area to go hiking or sightseeing on your own. If you have any problems during the tour, you must notify the guide immediately.
  • All balances must be paid by cash, credit card, or PayPal.
  • To receive a discount for being a student, the valid student card must be sent to Xtreme Tourbulencia at the time of booking. This document must have a name, photo and valid expiration date. No card without expiration date will be accepted. You must carry the original student card for the excursion. Remember that you will not be allowed to go through the checkpoint without the original card.
  • At the entrance control point to the Inca Trail, you will be asked to show the original Passport (not a copy) with which the reservation was made. If the reservation was made with an expired passport that was later renewed, both must be carried, in this way the identification will not be rejected.

Cancellation Policies Adventure Travel

The deposit is 100% NON-refundable (CHECK CANCELLATION POLICIES)

Permits for the Inca Trail are issued with a name and cannot be transferred to anyone under

any circumstances. Changing dates is also not possible once a permit has been purchased.

The permits are not refundable or transferable. Please note that this is a regulation of the

Government of Peru and not of Xtreme Tourbulencia.

All adventure treks include transportation to Cusco. The return train will depend on


If the walk cannot continue, due to illness or injury, one of our representatives will

accompany the affected person to a place where they can receive immediate assistance. The

medical assistance are the responsibility of the trekker. If you cannot complete the walk, you can join the group for the visit to Machu Picchu, only if you


Xtreme Tourubulencia will take all possible precautions to avoid accidents, illnesses and loss of

personal property. For this reason, it only hires trained and qualified personnel.

Xtreme Tourbulencia is not responsible for unfavorable weather conditions, natural

catastrophes, pandemics, strikes, accidents, illnesses, injuries, loss of personal items, etc. It

is the client’s responsibility to carry insurance that covers this type of event. We reserve the

right to modify or cancel the program due to any of the unforeseen conditions mentioned


In extreme cases when the Inca Trail is declared closed for security reasons, Xtreme Tourubulencia may replace the excursion with an alternative excursion subject to availability.

Right to use images

The client accepts and grants Xtreme Tourbulencia the right to use images, photos, and videos

during the participation in any of our packages for any type

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